20120704 02-14Semi-automatic machine that mixes peat and potting soil with fertilizers, polystyrene, agriperlite, pumice, expanded clay, etc. in order to obtain soft compounds suitable for cultivation. The mixer is designed and manufactured for rapid mixing (3-5 minutes), watering and automatic unloading of the compound onto other machines (soil blocker, potting machine, trayfiller, etc.)


The mixer mod. MX1000 is composed of:

- Mixing tub

- Watering nozzles

- Unloading belt with probes


Technical Data

miscelatoreMX1000 dati1
Tub capacity: 1mc
Time of mixing: from 3 to 5 min
Installed power: 4,25 kW, 400 Vac, 3ph+G, 50Hz
Weight: 740 Kg




- Wheels and movement lever Mod. SETMX1000


miscelatoreMX1000 accessori2










- Pedal for manual unloading Mod. DRPX10110

- Watering system